The Land and the Sky

The Land and the Sky

Free Verse Poem

Warm water warm seas,

Not better than the rest,

Writing one while cold,

No way of heat,

Grass cries with fear, no heat, no warmth,

Flowers growl while they follow the winds above,

Wake the flowers,

Take the howlers,

No time to run or jump,

Sky wind blows high,

No one knows why,

Study the sun,

Study the speed is the only one,

Land or sky,

No one knows why,

Where to begin,

The land and the sky.

(Sarah Shahzad, November 2019)

Inspiration, The Land and the Sky

The theme of this poem is wide subject of land and the sky.  Both of these have several discoveries all the time and there is no limit when we can say that now we have discovered everything.

We have yet to discover the seas and oceans and creatures living in them. Scientists are still discovering new species of flora and fauna. New galaxies are being discovered and we have limited life to even travel to the nearest one.

So the question is, where to start? the Earth or the Skies?

What is your opinion about uncertainty around Earth, seas and sky, when we will be sure about it? or may be it will be an open subject for human beings?

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