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A New Morning

A New Morning

A New Morning A new day has come, A morning has risen, Where the sun says “hello”, To all the good fellow.   To those it surprises, With effort and time, It was finally time, For the morning to rise,   Waking up in a day, Where the...

Solar Eclipse, Poem on Nature

Solar Eclipse

Free Verse Poem | Poem on Nature As the sun rises, With lots of surprises, Granting one after the other, As slowly the day goes on, The moon comes out mysteriously, Blocking the sunny view of the happy people, As the day gets dark, As the...

Moon, poemtheart.com


Poem Far in the skies, ones’ reflections wandered, What’s above the sky at night, Little they know less, Once a wise person discovered that, At night, An object hovers above the skies, They only observe a strange object, That changes...

Limerick Poem: Sunflower

Limerick Poem: Sunflower

Poem A town full of sunflowers, Growing till the rainy showers, Fascinated by the looks, Instead reading the books, A town full of sunflowers. (By Sarah Shahzad)



Poem Far away, Land never discovered, Someday someone notices, There were fruits still in waiting, Not knowing what they’re called, But knowing they are ready to be discovered, Juicy and sweet, Big and yellow, Choosing what they shall be...

Summer has come, poemtheart.com

Summer has come

Poem Bright and hot, The sun is angry Everyone has gone, Somewhere under the rainbow, Can’t find the magnificent rainbow that seeks, Under the sun, Try to find the way, There were so many flocks under the sun, That they don’t reveal...

Water Droplet swift down from leaves

Water Droplet on the Leaf – Short Poem

Poem Water droplet on the leaf, The leaf was so special that it didn’t want to rush down, As it is connected with the leaf, But steadily the sun rises, It had to go, “Goodbye leaf“ as it swift down. (By Sarah Shahzad) Inspiration: Living in...