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Funny Birthday

Funny Birthday

Poems about Happiness | Free Verse Poem The flowers were dancing, As you jumped out of the bed, The sky smiles as it sees you open your eyes, Everyone wished for better moments that day, Their day can’t get any better, As you sing a lovely...

Chocolate Rain, A poem about happiness

Chocolate Rain

Free Verse Poem | Poems about Happiness It was raining, not hard but steady, As the rain was common in this little town, But kids made fun stories on rain, The rain could never hear, but it did, Suddenly it rained hard, It rained chocolates...

Poems about Happiness, Holidays


Free Verse Poem | Poems about Happiness Holidays are coming, Rushing through the hallways, Into the room full of displays, As the cheerful noises, Of the children outside, Joy gets spread on everyone’s faces, As all the dedicated people...

Happy Birthday to Uncle Ashfaq Tahir

Happy Birthday to Uncle Ashfaq Tahir

Birthday Poem “Happy Birthday to Uncle Ashfaq Tahir” Greatest wishes shall be true, If not those shall be saved, Today is your special day, Guess the day, It is your birthday! May be special or ordinary, But it’s your birthday...