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Water Poem
Water poem is the name of category where I will be sharing free verse, limerick, haiku, etc. poems.

Aqua is a blessing of Allah. We cannot exist without water. It is there inside our bodies, we drink and excrete water. Water in our bodies is more than 60% whereas we could not survive without it.

More than 71% of the Earth surface has been covered by water and more than 90% water resources are in form of oceans.

Along with air, water is regarded as compulsory basic need of all living beings in this world.

One of the major issue that we face is water pollution.  We are contaminating water with plastics and chemicals and it harms all sort of life in this world.

Water poems is among the most readable one and I believe that everyone is being concerned about saving it.

Water Droplet on the Leaf – Short Poem

Poem Water droplet on the leaf, The leaf was so special that it didn’t want to rush down, As it is connected with the leaf, But steadily the sun rises, It had to go, “Goodbye leaf“ as it swift down. Inspiration: Living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia...