Water Droplet on the Leaf – Short Poem


Water droplet on the leaf,

The leaf was so special that it didn’t want to rush down,

As it is connected with the leaf,

But steadily the sun rises,

It had to go,

“Goodbye leaf“ as it swift down.

(By Sarah Shahzad)


Living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia bestowed me with a lot of opportunities to observe water droplets on leaves and flowers.  During rainy season, lasts of the rain drops for every shower, stays on leaves and after the rain, these seem to be connected with leaves.  It inspired me to write this short poem.

Rainy Season & Water Droplet on the Leaf – Short Poem

South East Asia is blessed with amazing tropical weather and you can observe nature at its peak in countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia…..

Rainy season lasts for around six months.  During rainy season, some of the areas affected with flood. People of those areas have adjusted their lives according to the weather patterns.  Overall weather is nice and we see a lot of greenery. Rice crops have various colors till it is ready to harvest.  Lush green fields have an amazing look with white clouds.

People celebrate arrival of rainy season and end of it as well.

What is your opinion about Water Droplet on the Leaf – Short Poem?


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