Lily Flower,
Spider Lily Flower

Lily Flower, a short poem


As I was sleeping, I had a dream of spiders

they were crawling around the forest,

but there was one spider who was white,

pure white as anything white you imagine

it was whiter then the clouds as if it was a cloud

a cloud that is in disguise of a white spider

who ended up being a dream of the Beach Spider Lily.


Lily Flower, A Short Poem – Inspiration:

Beach Spider shaped flowers look beautiful during the day.  A contrast of white flowers on green leaves is just amazing.  I think this bloom really looks like a spider which might scare you in your dreams.


Lilies are group of flowering plant.  These are found in various shapes, colors and sizes.  These have cultural importance.  White lilies symbolizes peace.  These are widely used in flower bouquet.

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