Basketball Match - A Short Poem
Basketball Match - A Short Poem Copyright - Image by Stock Unlimited

Basket Ball Match – A short Poem


Playing rough, playing low,

No idea where to go,

May the best win and the rest stare,

Go aside as they stare,

Wish they could tear the pair,

No one knows where to fetch as they throw to the air,

May no one win as they don’t play fair.

Basket Ball Match – A short Poem, Inspiration:

While sitting on the bench for the whole match and watching my underperforming team losing it.  That’s inspired me to write this poem.

Basketball is high voltage game.  By nature or velocity of this game everyone is suppose to be with full of energy to beat the opponent.

How do you feel when you don’t get any part in the game whether it’s basketball,  football, cricket, etc.?

Do let me know in comments below, how do you like Basket Ball match – A short Poem?

1 thought on “Basket Ball Match – A short Poem”

  1. Haaaa haaaaa this one is out of pure rage , of by stander. But good to have peace with yourself by spitting out the anger . Sara is at best when she writes about nature

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