Short Poem – Nature

Short Poem - Nature


Nature has been discussed everywhere,

But we do not seek, we only hear it,

We – ignore our surroundings

We listen to the music

But we snub the birds’ chirps,

We watch animal movies

But we overlook the animal’s interactions,

We sightsee the countries

But disregard the nature,

“What can we do to bring nature back?”

Short Poem – Nature, Inspiration:

This poem is about our rejection of nature and adoption of artificial life.  Due to this, we have lost connection with natural habitat.  I wanted to share my emotions about unnatural environment vs natural habitat.

About Nature:

Nature is more precisely anything which is not men made.  Snaps of Mount Everest, K2, Sahara desert and Amazon Rainforest, etc. look amazing.  But we don’t make efforts to sightsee these places.  Natural environment gives you peace of life whereas artificial development is made to provide temporary comfort to humans. I order to enjoy natural places, we have to make efforts. Whereas unnatural stuff gives you comfort and our bodies are now get use to it.

As most of us understand, millennials and generation Z are more prone to artificial life.  They are ignoring nature. They can watch animal planet on TV for the whole day but they will not make efforts to visit animal habitats.

What we can do to bring Nature back?

I believe, we have to make rules/aggressive steps for new generations to make them attached with natural environment. These may include:

  • Compulsory visit to a desert, mountain, sea/ocean, rainforest/natural forest during 12 years of school education.
  • Education deriving interest of children to such environment.
  • Facilitate groups of children prone to visit such places. They should be provided with financial aid or grant.
  • NGOs should educate children about importance of nature.
  • Unnatural places impact our lives.  Children should learn negative impact of such environment.
  • We should avoid using plastics and don’t litter on natural places.
  • All natural places should be strictly conserved.

All these steps lead to a better understanding of nature. We should be able to distinguish between nature and artificial. This will improve our understanding of ecosystems, weather, geology and wildlife. Above all, our quality of life will improve.

It is a collective responsibility of all human beings to protect nature.  we also understand that a more reliance  on artificial life is leading us to disaster in terms of understanding natural life. But, however, on the other hand people living in outskirts find it very difficult to adjust to fast pace life of urban areas.  In conclusion, elderly people will still stick to natural environment as compared to younger generation, who will prone to artificial life.

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