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A collection of animal poems

A Collection of Animal Poems

A Collection of Animal Poems A collection of Animal Poems consists of a poem on Artic Reindeer, Puffin or Penguin, Sharks’ fear and dolphin.  These poems contains varied subjects for the audience. Arctic Reindeer A reindeer that goes all...



Animal Poem A panda all alone, Is someone who is a clone, As you see them both, You will see their oath, Pandas won’t fly, Denying their flight, As they believe; They won’t fly,   A panda all alone, Needs a clone, You...

Hedgehog - Animal Poem


Cute Poems | Animal Poems They live their lives round, Without any sound, They roll down to those found, Even though they can fall, Since they are such a ball, They care for others without them to notice, They protect others without some...