Lonely in the Forest

Lonely in the Forest

Lonely in the Forest

The lonely one, looked up at its den,

As it has been destroyed by fire,

It slowly went near a pigeon, ready to pounce,

It cannot lift its own paw, as its injured,

As it slowly went back, it turned in a corner,

Seeing a lake, it looked at its lonely self,

It had no family, or anyone to play with,

It ends up in an abandoned house,

Looking for food and proper shelter,

It has nowhere to go and nowhere to live,

The lonely one, went out,

As it finds a special tree,

As the tree had many colorful fruits,

And a tree big enough for shelter,

It decided to live there and eat its fruits,

As it marked a happy friendship, and so on,

Its real life begins here.

(by Sarah Shahzad, April 2020)

About the Poem Lonely in the Forest

The poem is about a special young wolf. This wolf was special since it was an omnivore. Naturally, wolves are not omnivores but are carnivores. It was alone in a forest but its den (home) got destroyed by a fire. So it decided to find a new home but the poor wolf was injured and cannot hunt for food.

Finally, the wolf finds an abandoned house but there was nothing to eat or live in it. As he searches for food and shelter again, he finds a special tree. It was big enough for him to live in and had many colorful special fruits. The special wolf starts living his life and journey.

Because of natural calamities animals lose their homes and families. Also, sometimes whole forests get destroyed and there’s nothing left behind. No more trees mean that animals don’t find fruits or food anymore. Also, few of the animals survives. Sadly, there are lots of wild fires in Australia and other countries. These fires burned the whole forests and home of the animals.

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