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Flowers in the garden

Flowers in the garden

Poem There’s a Garden in a special town, Belongs to a special one, They had many lilies with roses, But they can’t find and figure it out, Somehow they found something they don’t see, A flower that can be special as it be, Unknown colour...

Limerick Poem: Sunflower

Limerick Poem: Sunflower

Poem A town full of sunflowers, Growing till the rainy showers, Fascinated by the looks, Instead reading the books, A town full of sunflowers. (By Sarah Shahzad)



Poem Roses are sweet, but not petit, They never dry out, as they fly in, Precious for the house of those, who are good, Pleasing for the house of those, who are special, They never thought of encountering a lost rose, Who was tossed away, For...

Lily Flower,

Lily Flower, a short poem

Poem As I was sleeping, I had a dream of spiders, They were crawling around the forest, But there was one spider, Who was white, Pure white as anything white you imagine, It was whiter then the clouds, As if it was a cloud, A cloud that is in...

A short poem on Sunflower

A Short Poem on Sunflower

“A Short Poem on Sunflower”   That little something on the ground, No idea where it belongs, Steadily opens its flower, As if the flower was a sun on the Earth Who follows the upper sun’s ways, When it gets dark, It closes itself so it can hide...