A Short Poem on Sunflower

A short poem on Sunflower

“A Short Poem on Sunflower”


That little something on the ground,

No idea where it belongs,

Steadily opens its flower,

As if the flower was a sun on the Earth

Who follows the upper sun’s ways,

When it gets dark,

It closes itself so it can hide from the dark rays.

It is a flower no ordinary flower, but just a sunflower.

 (By Sarah Shahzad)

Inspiration, a short poem on sunflower:

I adore sunflower since the first time I saw it at a very young age.  It resembles sun, in another word it is a replica of sun on the earth.  This is one of my earliest poem.  I was writing essay on sunflower and these words came into my mind somehow.  The result was a short poem on sunflower.



About Sunflower:

The name sunflower came from the head of the flower that represent the sun and it always faces the sun. It came from Europe and were transported to other places examples America, Asia, Africa. It is the national flower of Ukraine and state flower of Kansas.

People also pant sunflowers so they can soak nuclear radiations and toxins from the soil.

The botanical name of the common sunflower is Helianthus annuus. The scientific name for sunflower is Helianthus, Helios from the Greek word sun and Anthus from Greek word flower.

Seeds extracted from ripe flower are also used for wild bird food and its oil is also used for cooking recipes.

Do you have any idea what happens to sunflower when it is eclipse?

About A Poem on Sunflower:

My brothers always ask me to write small poems that are about flowers. Bros, here is poem on flowers for you. I always tell them that this is not just a children poem but this could be for elders who enjoy poetry.  Poem for kids is my basic idea of writing.

Sunflower painting/ drawings:

While studying in grade 2 in Eton House, Cambodia, I was taught about sunflowers and we did some individual and group paintings of the flowers.  I was amazed when they introduced us to a Dutch Artist named Vincent Van Gogh, we saw his drawing about sunflower. Our first reaction to that painting was “WOW”. That prompted us to make more of flower drawings and paintings. it was fun.

Birthday Flower:

Here is a question for you.  Do you think sunflower could be part of flowers for birthday bouquet?  I believe so but what is your opinion?

Some Useful Links: https://www.theflowerexpert.com/content/mostpopularflowers/morepopularflowers/sunflower





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