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Poem on Cat and Dog

Cat and Dog

Cat and Dog | Child Poem The Cat, Under the tree, Dances, As the moon go over it,   The Dog, Over the lake, Stays still, As the sun goes underneath it,   The droplets, Move in the air, Whoosh! Splash! Into the lake, Making the cat and...

Persian Cat Pet

Persian Cats

Poem Persian cats are older, wiser and always in a mood, Can’t tell if one is sad, angry, happy or good, Because they are fluffy, From the outside as they appear, They like all cat thing, They are all like cats, Only different from the fur as...

Cat, a short poem

Cat a short poem

Short Poem I heard a noise with the letter m, I heard it again but louder, As I come closer it was getting louder, Meow! , it is a cat. (By Sarah Shahzad) Cat, a short poem – Inspiration: Cat, a short poem is a funny piece for my younger...