Persian Cats

Persian Cat Pet


Persian cats are older, wiser and always in a mood,

Can’t tell if one is sad, angry, happy or good,

Because they are fluffy,

From the outside as they appear,

They like all cat thing,

They are all like cats,

Only different from the fur as we know,

They appear in many shapes of fur, and always purr,

They can get sleepy and tired,

But their energy is always high,

Don’t make them sleepy as they will lose their energy,

Might be sensitive in heart, but strong in faith,

Always ready to come for help, and will help others,

They have all common features, but they have hairy fur,

And all have the same behaviour,

With their powerful fur, they can survive the winter seasons,

It’s a nice cat breed to have.

(By Sarah Shahzad)

Inspiration, Persian Cats:

This poem is about the Persian Cats.  I think these are the best pets anyone can have.  A young cat can be tamed easily and be part of family in no time. As these are sensitive so you have to rake special care of them.

Caring a feline pet:

One has to take special care of feline pets. As they attached with you easily so they ask for same care and attention.  Some of the factors you have to take care of:

  1. Feed them regularly and on time. It is better to provide them with cat food. Avoid feeding them the human food;
  2. Take them for a walk in the open air, parks or so;
  3. Get a grooming kit for Persian cats. they also need to take bath regularly or at least a regular comb or brush;
  4. Get some toys for them to play like balls, plastic mouse, etc….
  5. Buy some pet apparels, collars or accessories;
  6.  Cat house, beds or mats, litter boxes and feeding pots are a must have.

Suggested Pet Accessories:

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