Minky and Pinky the chicks
Minky and Pinky the chicks

Minky and Pinky the chicks


Born a few minutes apart from each other,

Lovely happy born sisters,

The youngest chick, Pinky,

Minky, the eldest chick


Both with same attitude and persona,

Never stop to tremble,

Until the time of slumber,

Never stop to shrinkle,

Until the time of nibble,


The new chicks in the block,

Have many friends with their friends,

Join in the adventure with sis

Who have space in their hearts & pockets


Certainly accept a large number of requests,

As a strange persona; they will always try their best,

A strange day would make them, happy and snappy

Why wouldn’t join Minky and Pinky

And enjoy your best moments till they are sleepy


About: Minky and Pinky the chicks

This poem is for my friends and sisters, Ishmam, Daneen and Uroosh who love to have pets.  They had a pair of chicks who Uroosh named Minkey and Pinky.  Both unlucky chicks were eaten by a stray cat.  Sorry my lovely friends.  I hope your parents get you new pet.

My friends inspired me to write poem on their pets “Minky and Pinky the chicks”.

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