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We make great effort and style,

But we don’t make close friends,

Together we play great roles on the stage,

But we don’t make friends, even close ones


That goes on,

We don’t recognize them later in life,

Even though we see them passing by us,

They might recognize us, but never tell,


As we refrained talking to them in past,

Just because there was a time, where we could have,

Become close friend with them,

But our mind refuses, as we cross path,


But most importantly,

We don’t recognize the word friendship,

Where we can recognize anyone easily,

And fool around together.

(By Sarah Shahzad)



This poem is about one of the best relations in one’s life.  You make friends at various stages of your life and then as you move on, relationship closes. This makes you scared of making new friends.

It is important to make friends and maintain this relationship long lasting.  This will give you opportunity to enjoy your best moments in life with someone very close to you.

Sincere ones are your best friends and an asset for you forever.

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