Sad Day

Sad day

Sad day

It is a terrible day,
I simply can’t stay,
This was too much for me,
But I had to move on,
Now I can’t,

My friends locked the door,
Because of their little secret,
Event I crawled down,
They still stood idle,
Thinking they have done nothing wrong,

They don’t know that they will regret it later,
I hope to escape as they all made a mistake,
They forgot me in that place, in my little time,
They stood there, thinking it was over,
And not for use, they pretend otherwise,

My day was terrible as I did not do anything,
As there were many things to do, on that day,
I may come back out there,
And they will regret it forever,
I will stay strong, hopefully I will.

(By Sarah Shahzad, March 2020)

About Sad Day Poem:

A sad day can become a haunting memory just like a nice memory for a good day or good time. This is the theme of this poem. You are hurt more when this sad day is caused by your friends and closed ones. And this become more hurtful once they pretend that nothing has happened.

Most of us can get hurt easily and others feel that they have done some tremendous job to hurt. But later in life they will regret as this may haunt them later in life. If one does not even think bad for any of their acts. This means that they have a stone heart which need some treatment.

It is always better to write down or express your feelings with any medium to relieve yourself. Otherwise these may haunt you and make you sick. I wish not to be burdened by the stack of bad and sad memories. I wish to have a pile up of good memories and thought.

What is your opinion about your sad days and bad memories and how you cope with them?

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