Funny Birthday

Funny Birthday

Poems about Happiness | Free Verse Poem

The flowers were dancing,
As you jumped out of the bed,
The sky smiles as it sees you open your eyes,
Everyone wished for better moments that day,

Their day can’t get any better,
As you sing a lovely dovely song,
They all dance to the tune,
The tune was nice, forget the lyrics,

The cake was mystery with full of surprises,
And they told you stories of your prizes,
They all knew it was a happy birthday,
Everyone wished for better moments that day,

The day which was amazing,
The day when you were born,
Your parents have no regrets,
Your friends have all the cheers,

The day was getting better be seconds,
They all laugh and jump,
Waiting for your super surprise,
Everyone wished for better moments that day

(By Sarah Shahzad, March 2020)

About Funny Birthday Poem:

Birthday is an exciting time for anyone.  Just imagine a funny birthday, it will make the day for everyone.  This was the theme of this poem. If you never have a birthday full of fun and surprises, you missed a lot!

Birthdays should be full of surprises, chocolate cake and lot of fun. What do you think?

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