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Raspberry Bushes

Raspberry Bushes

Raspberry Bushes The wind that blew over the Raspberry bushes, That tilted them in an inch that day, It pinches through the surface of the soil, Nevertheless, it grows upon the invisible walls,   Piercing its thorns wrapped around to hold...

A New Morning

A New Morning

A New Morning A new day has come, A morning has risen, Where the sun says “hello”, To all the good fellow.   To those it surprises, With effort and time, It was finally time, For the morning to rise,   Waking up in a day, Where the...

Civet, a short poem


Civet, A Short Poem Civets are scared, Why are they scared, They must had heard the howls of the wolves, Or their dens had been destroyed, No, I think they are shy creatures. (By Sarah Shahzad)    

Cat, a short poem

Cat a short poem

Short Poem I heard a noise with the letter m, I heard it again but louder, As I come closer it was getting louder, Meow! , it is a cat. (By Sarah Shahzad) Cat, a short poem – Inspiration: Cat, a short poem is a funny piece for my younger...

Town Boy and Town Rabbit -

Town Boy and Town Rabbit

Poem He comes stomping on the town, Knowing where to go and what to seek, He has a favor for the town rabbit, But, the town rabbit fear not, Chased away far but scared, Ran the town boy after the town rabbit. Town Boy and Town Rabbit...

Short Poem - War

Short Poem – War

Short Poem – War Long ago peace was there, Now time is passing by, When the birds chirping and crows shouting, War has come, Only weaponry is used, War only brings harm. (By Sarah Shahzad) Short Poem –  War, Inspiration: As I wrote...