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Poem on Nature

This category is about collection of poems on nature.  The people who love nature, are the ones who love to read about it.  This category covers poems and writings on nature, flora, fauna, galaxy, earth, sun, moon, eclipse, water, air, etc.

Nature is such a vast subject. Whereas if we talk about oceans, we have yet to explore majority of the ocean world.  New animal and plant species are discovered day by day. We are unable to fully explore the earth below surface. Meanwhile we have still not fully explored the land area of the earth. But human have not stopped searching for unknown.

If we talk about galaxy, we have new knowledge of it every other day.  Meanwhile humans are planning to explore it but still our life so short that we are unable to plan it completely.

That’s what this category talk about “poem on nature”.




Solar Eclipse, Poem on Nature

Solar Eclipse

Free Verse Poem | Poem on Nature As the sun rises, With lots of surprises, Granting one after the other, As slowly the day goes on, The moon comes out mysteriously, Blocking the sunny view of the happy people, As the day gets dark, As the...

Water Droplet on the Leaf – Short Poem

Poem Water droplet on the leaf, The leaf was so special that it didn’t want to rush down, As it is connected with the leaf, But steadily the sun rises, It had to go, “Goodbye leaf“ as it swift down. Inspiration: Living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia...