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Sad Poetry is all about a collection of sad poems. Sad poems are about sharing one’s pain, grief, issues and problems. So here in this category I have shared and will be sharing sad poems.

If we don’t share our grief with anyone, we may encounter health and social issues. So better to be healthy and share your experiences then get some kind sickness.

If one does not express its feeling of being sad or grief then next he encounter is depression and anxiety.  Sometimes people bully someone and then that could lead to deterioration in health and mental issues. Girls normally take these seriously and some of these get issues like anorexia, etc.

Sad Poetry is a medium to express oneself and it is important for family and society to do their best to console them.

In this difficult time

In this difficult time

In this difficult time   In this difficult time, we have a lot to save, Each day, we wave to another far, We stay inside locked up, protect ourselves, We will stay brave, even locked in our gates,   Can’t visit my friend because of this time...

Sad day

Sad Day

Sad day   It is a terrible day, I simply can’t stay, This was too much for me, But I had to move on, Now I can’t, My friends locked the door, Because of their little secret, Event I crawled down, They still stood idle, Thinking they have...

Sad poem

Sad Poem

Free Verse Poem | Sad Poetry Having no friend makes me sad, Even the days go bad, With nobody around, No one to play with me, A bee stung me, As pain glides through my soul, As my body burns like coal, I have to cry, to leave all the pain out...