I had a dream, a lucid one,

That I wish was real,

Where there was no discrimination upon anyone,

Everyone lived at ease, even the ones who started it,


I hope that dream will come true,

I try my best waiting for that moment,

That everyone realizes they are all equal, no matter what,

And start to befriend those next to them,


We are all humans, with the same red-colored blood,

And we all have the rights to do something,

We should not be discriminated by our skin, gender, race and more,

We should not label those who are different,


As we are chosen to be different from others,

We all should stand and help those in need,

We should not discriminate on the basis of skin, gender and race,

As we all realize that all lives matter!

(By Sarah Shahzad, June 2020)


About the Poem on Discrimination

Discrimination is a hot issue now a days, even in the time of Corona Pandemic.  Why this can’t be resolved?  As we all know that there is so much hatred in the name of race, gender, skin and so on.  In other words, all of us know that it is not the selection of oneself. Most importantly, it is all God giving and all these differences make this world so beautiful.  In a broader sense, if you think of a world with one gender, one race and single skin tone. In short, that life would have to be so boring or even non-existent.  That’s inspired me to write this poem.

Now a days all the people are on the streets, all around the world, to talk about discrimination. We keep on hearing “Black Lives Matter” in USA and gender bias is all over the world.

For a better world for coming generations, we have to think about resolving this unfairness.   I believe this world will be beautiful if we stop prejudices and inequality.

What do you think?

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