Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Poem – World No Tobacco Day

No one should smoke,

As it will burn your lungs to its core,

All day as you do it more,

Cannot stop this addiction, no more,


Lungs no more give us that smile,

We see every day,

If you do not stop,

It will hurt you more,


The colors of the sky fade away,

Into a thick air of smoke,

Hurting your soul, and its entity,

Please stop smoking at least for this day,


Where if it will rise far,

Ceasing the air to breath,

Slowing down your life stock,

That may lead to your end,


These lungs won’t work no more,

As they will slowly get shattered,

Please celebrate this day,

By bringing an end to this catastrophe.

(By Sarah Shahzad, May 2020)

About Poem – Stop Smoking:

This poem is dedicated to World No Tobacco Day.  As the smoking is injurious to health therefore this habit should be stopped.  WHO has selected 31 May 2020 as World No Tobacco Day.  People who are smokers, they should at least experience stop smoking for a day and them expand it for some time.  Tobacco Exposed is the theme of this year’s World No Tobacco Day.  Whilst every year theme is different and the purpose is to bring people to the idea of quit smoking.

Quit Smoking – An Introduction

As we all know that quitting a habit is a very difficult especially when it is highly addictive.  Smoking is considered to be on of the most addictive habit.  It do lead to drugs and stuff, if not stopped in a timely basis.

Although most of us know the health risks of smoking, but still that is not enough reason for stop smoking. This habit has mostly adopted at the teen age and lead to a highly expensive and dangerous habit. Once you start this habit, you may not quit it as your company requires you to keep smoking.

Some people smoke as they feel it is better for clear thinking or better judgement. Whereas if a person stop smoking, he feel down and depressed.  Therefore, a smoker thinks it is end of life, if he stops smoking.  In the contrary, once you are addicted, you are messing it up with your health and wealth.

Why People Start this Habit?

Normally people start it as they face a social pressure. And call themselves a causal smoker but later on they start smoking packets in a day.  This is really difficult time as this has been converted into a addiction from casual thing. Those who sustain that social pressure and avoid such social circle, they live a better and healthy life.

A Dangerous and Expensive Habit

As most of the smokers thinks that smoking is a daily ritual and without it they cannot survive this world. Some people start their day with smoking or drinking caffeine. Thereafter before any activity on their particular day, they feel urge to smoke. Whereas once you are in your social circle, it becomes unstoppable. At that no body knows the extent of their smoking. You may observe that smokers get a place in a smoking social circle in no time.

How to Stop Smoking?

For a timely stop smoking, you need a best laid out plan. Otherwise, it will return either due to social pressure or urges.  One has to think about a better plan to keep up with a stop smoking strategy. You need a best of support from friends and family to keep an eye on your plan.  A quitter has to think about the positive impact of stop smoking on his life and health.  Sports, hiking, boating or there are so many physical activities that drive you away from this bad habit.

Few Strategies for Quit Smoking

  1. Select a game or sport and make it your routine to play it.
  2. Change your social circle. Provide more time to people with positivity rather then spending time with chain smokers.
  3. Consult your physician on suggesting an alternative for your nicotine habit. Once you adopt this alternative, then slowly move away from it as well.  Mostly you may be asked for nicotine patches.
  4. Do not try a step by step approach of quit smoking. Do it once and then stick to it.
  5. Keep an eye on your health. You may observe amazing transformation of vital signs.  This may provide you a boost to quitting this habit.

    Stop smoking and live a healthy life.

What is your opinion about this habit? What you would do to save yourself from it? Comment please….

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