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Lonely in the Forest

Lonely in the Forest

Lonely in the Forest The lonely one, looked up at its den, As it has been destroyed by fire, It slowly went near a pigeon, ready to pounce, It cannot lift its own paw, as its injured, As it slowly went back, it turned in a corner, Seeing a...

Lucky Ishmam, A Fourth of July Girl, poemtheart.com

Lucky Ishmam, A Fourth of July Girl

Poem Fireworks all around America, Celebration all over America, Come one, come all, have fun! Food, drinks and games under the sun, My lovely friend Ishmam, don’t run, It’s your birthday, have at least one bun, It’s very hot...

Friendship - Poemtheart


Poem We make great effort and style, But we don’t make close friends, Together we play great roles on the stage, But we don’t make friends, even close ones   That goes on, We don’t recognize them later in life, Even though we see them...