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Poems about Dream
This category is related to poems about dream. We either gets ideas lodged to our minds with any kind of inspiration and dreams are on of them.
In dream world you can envision various different scenarios. Some times these occur as we encounter some situation in our ordinary day or if any thing happens due to extra ordinary situation.

Dreams are mostly related to sleep but sometimes people dream while they are awake.  But I believe better ones are those that we see while sleeping.

While writing better ideas are generated when one is awake and there is no noise or even it is peaceful natural environment.

What is your opinion about dreams and day dreaming?




Discrimination I had a dream, a lucid one, That I wish was real, Where there was no discrimination upon anyone, Everyone lived at ease, even the ones who started it,   I hope that dream will come true, I try my best waiting for that...

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Free Verse Poem | Poems about Dream Sleeping sloth dozing off, Sleeping sloth snoring out, Sleeping sloth cooling away, The sleeping sloth will never walk, Far away, where the bushes run, And the bird talk, The sleeping sloth will not walk, And...

Lily Flower,

Lily Flower, a short poem

Poem As I was sleeping, I had a dream of spiders, They were crawling around the forest, But there was one spider, Who was white, Pure white as anything white you imagine, It was whiter then the clouds, As if it was a cloud, A cloud that is in...