Corona Virus

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This virus brought us far,
But we can’t get back by car,
It spreads itself far,
All without any mark,

Inadequate protection let it enters us,
Without us knowing it is there,
As it begins attacking cells,
As the attack, rings just as a bell,

We might run fast,
But can’t avoid the virus,
As it infects the iris,
As there’s no way out,

We might eat grapes,
Without knowing the escape,
As it flies through the body,
As a shape free to undertake,

Round but not weak,
As it looks for a victim,
Not immune to such infection,
That victim is seeking protection,
A protection as that virus is nonstop.

(By Sarah Shahzad, February 2020)

About the Poem:

Inspiration of this poem is the fatal Corona Virus which has been affecting human lives.  Many people are suffered from it and mainly old people are more vulnerable to this virus.  We hope that scientist find a quick cure and vaccination for this virus.

All of us are watching media to see news of its cure and good news about vaccination.  We pray for all the people who are sick with this virus. Hopefully they will get better.


corona illness

Infographic about Corona Virus

Precautions/ Measures to Avoid Corona Virus

As in the infographic above, everyone shall adopt following measures to avoid contracting Corona Virus:

  • Do not shake hands or touch any body part of an infected person;
  • Use nose-rags and dispose them off properly;
  • Use masks and better get the N-95 masks;
  • Avoid contact with pets. If you have pets in the house and area is affected with Corona Virus then put them in quarantine;
  • If there are symptoms then immediately visit doctor and aviod socializing with people.

Symptoms of Corona Virus:

  • Headache and sore throat;
  • Cough;
  • Shaking chills;
  • Fever;
  • Running nose; and
  • Dyspnoea.




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