Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon

We hope you get well soon,

You help those in need,

Now you need our support too,

We will stay by your side

And stay until you heal,


You must be facing a lot of discomfort,

That we can’t understand,

You help those, affected from the virus,

But as the corona virus get in you too,

We hope you get well soon,


You are the frontline soldier to fight it,

Real hero of the world, we mean it,

We wish your will power prevail over it,

All our prayers for you to fight it,

Meet us in your best of health, we wish it!


We will not be able to know,

How you are experiencing the pain,

We will pray for you until you heal,

You help a lot of people with the virus,

You should not have deserved this,

We will pray until you get better.

(Sarah Shahzad, April 2020)

About the Poem “Get Well Soon”

This poem is dedicated to my uncle who contracted Corona Virus. As he is a doctor serving the Corona patients, he contracted it. He is in United Kingdom and a doctor serving the Covid-19 patients. I am not disclosing his name for privacy reasons. But the good news is that he is getting better day by day.

This pandemic taught us that doctors are real heroes. As all the super heroes are in quarantine. They are not even able to complete and release their movies. We understand that doctors are facing more challenges then anyone else during this pandemic. Believe me we can support them by the social distancing and following the WHO guidelines.

People do not realise the importance of an issue until they face it. They enjoy life without thinking the challenge others face due to their negligence. So better safe than sorry.

I hope for all the best to my uncle and all the medial support staff. We wish them best of health and a lot of prayers.

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