In this difficult time

In this difficult time

In this difficult time


In this difficult time, we have a lot to save,
Each day, we wave to another far,
We stay inside locked up, protect ourselves,
We will stay brave, even locked in our gates,

Can’t visit my friend because of this time,
All these days of staying at home,
It feels like being in a maze,
That keeps on putting me back to the start,

All these days, tired and lonely,
Left me drained and gave up,
I wish, I had someone to play,
To comfort in this difficult time,

My days turned boring,
As I’m not with someone,
I hope this all ends quick,
So, I can go to school again,

In a lonely place in my home all day,
Can’t go out anywhere,
I hope you will visit me soon,
To live through this tough time,

My friends can’t gather and play neither I can,
There are many ways to be safe in this difficult time,
I hope you will follow them all,
Make sure you will wash your hands,

In this challenging time,
Keep the surrounding area clean,
So, you and others will be safe,
And visit each other once again!

 (By Sarah Shahzad, March 2020)

About Poem:

The theme of this poem is life under lock down during pandemic (Corona Virus or covid 19).  Due to this lockdown all the people and pets  are suffering and all the life is halted.  No one know when this situation will get better.  Those people who are suffering from this disease are trying to get them to isolation.  Whereas those who are not following the strict protocol by Government, are cruel. They are selfish and the real cause of spreading this disease.

In this difficult time, people have to observe guielines of World Health Organisation (WHO).  These include but not limited to regular hand wash with soap or use sanitizer.  Keep your place clean and tidy.  Don’t touch your face and dispose of tissues after sneezing.

We hope that this isolation will lead us to a better tomorrow. And make this world a better place for human and wildlife.


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