Shelter in the Rain

Shelter in the Rain

Shelter in the Rain

It rains a lot, without leaving a mark,
All day it rains, everyone wants to know why,
The thunder bursts into action,
Leaving the audience frightened,
Many people wonder,
What is it really like?
Some say that the rain cries,
And all its tears fall,

The little kittens roam around,
Seeking the shelter to be given by us,
But we never understand the fear,
As we stay inside, away from them,
Ignoring the help wanted by animals,
They feel lonely and cold,
Not to mention their fears,
When they first encountered rain and thunder,

Like us they will get it slowly,
But will remain puzzled, why is it raining?
And why are there nobody to help them?
Please do help those animals looking for shelter!
(By Sarah Shahzad, March 2020)

About Shelter in the Rain:

This is another free verse poem about life.  Shelter in the Rain is about the feeling of little animal who never faced raining and thunder.  Although it is in their instints that they have t seek a shelter during rain and thunder.  But how about the first rain or thunder of their life.  What is their feeling during this unusual time? Who is responsible to provide them shelter when they don’t have mothers?

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