Chocolate Rain

Chocolate Rain, A poem about happiness

Free Verse Poem | Poems about Happiness

It was raining, not hard but steady,

As the rain was common in this little town,

But kids made fun stories on rain,

The rain could never hear, but it did,

Suddenly it rained hard,

It rained chocolates,

Chocolates that were delicious and everyone’s favourite,

Those who were old, were confused,

Whilst the kids were joyful.

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Inspiration, Chocolate Rain:

This is a free verse poem and a poem about happiness where children dream or make up stories of something strange and that’s come true.

Just imagine from a child’s mind what they want? Answer is something made up of chocolate.  So that’s what happened and captured in this poem.

Children were having fun by making stories of chocolate rain and rain heard it and instead of water, it rained chocolates.  WOW!!!

It is a unique concept as we have heard about frog rain, bird rain or so on but not a chocolate one. But for children it could be the top wish they could imagine.

I can recall movie Cloudy with a chance of meat balls wherein all kind of stuff rained and people were so happy but ultimately it was disaster when they were unable to stop it.

About Chocolate:

Who does not like chocolate? name one and then exclude it from children’s favourite list and put him or her to hate list.

Chocolate come from a megical tree of Cocoa (also called Cacao) which is mostly cultivated in Latin America.  Once cocoa pods ripe, these are chopped off and kept for fermentation.  A tree produces cocoa pods twice a year. After fermentation of few days, it is kept for drying under sizling sun.  They get dried in couple of weeks and now are ready as a raw material for Nature‘s best gift, an amazing chocolate (or call it junk food, or whatever).

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