Poem on Shaping Peace Together

Poem on Shaping Peace Together

Poem on Shaping Peace Together

Peace is needed more than ever,

But we need to stop this fight,

This fight about land, race, religion, and money,

We need to focus more on our common enemy,


We need to live peacefully together,

So we can together fight off this virus,

As peace is the only option left,

We don’t have time to leave all this mess,


To think about what’s right and wrong,

And clear out our differences,

Shaping it all into one huge heart,

Leave this all and fight with this mess,

Destroying us all this harmful virus,


Started issues for one and all,

Staying all night,

Thinking, “when is this going to end?”

Slowly reaching out to others,

Listening to each and all,


Hearing to danger and struggles,

Seeing all this patience and help,

Avoid contact outside anywhere,

And stay in your cozy room,

Coming up to those in homes,


Wishing this was all one dream,

This whole pandemic drove us all,

Turning and crashing into one and all,

Getting harder to hit the brakes,

To stop this all,

We need each other now,


It may be hard to stand up together all at once,

But we can do it together,

By fighting out this dangerous virus,

Which is the one who started this mess all,

We can hopefully unite and eliminate this virus.

(By Sarah Shahzad, September 2020)

About Poem on Shaping Peace Together

International Day of Peace is observed on 21 September each year and this year theme is shaping peace together.  This poem is about the theme of this year. As the year 2020 is mostly consumed under the fear of Corona Pandemic, therefore UN believes that this year should be celebrated by spreading compassion, kindness and hope in the face of the pandemic.

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