Gloomy and worried,

The sun’s shivering,

Close up all the sunny beaches,

No one can get up to play,

Winter has come,

Close up all the sunny beaches,

Sun has gone low,

But is still seen in a low sight,

Can it still be summer in the winter?

Winter is here,

Everyone plays freely,

Wide or near, there here.

(by Sarah Shahzad)

Inspiration, Winter:

This poem is about chill weather.  Arrival of wintertime is associated with a sudden change in life patterns for all living beings. Animals hide to survive harsh weather.  Human wear warm clothing. Most plants also wait for spring to get back to normal life.

Once weather transition to spring is done, everyone is happy and excited.  Best thing attached with the cold weather is dry fruits and oranges.  We love to eat dry fruits in the evening. Oranges are best to eat in the sunlight.

Children play mostly indoor games and enjoy cricket in the sunlight.  Another amazing thing is walk in the fog.  But now we have smog due to pollution.  Parent asks us not to go outside in smog.

Mid term break is also enjoyable time in December.  It is the best time to read books and watch movies as there is nothing much outside to do.

What do you think about winter?


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