A Poem on Snow Storm

Snow storm

“A Poem on Snow Storm”

When the days are short,

And the breeze is cold,

The mountains roar,

As the storm appears,

It outrageously makes all snow go wild,

All creatures hurry to hide,

But as it snows,

It gets fine,

All creatures come out, 

As the wind says,

Don’t worry, the storms come and go.

(By Sarah Shahzad)


A poem on snow storm, Inspiration:

Never been to any place where temperature is below freezing point.  But when my uncle and cousins shared pictures of Canada during snow storms and blizzards, I had this idea of poem.  I love to visit Canada to enjoy their local weather as I had enjoyed Ski Dubai, Snow Park, Dubai and Snow Town in Dream World, Thailand.  Both these were artificial recreation places.


I love winter season as the temperature gets low and all we seek is warm place to just sit, read novels or play video games.  The moment weather forecast changes to cold, I get excited on it but unfortunately it never snows in our area.  Our local weather is such as we can have sand storm but no snow storm.  I wish winter in our area should bring whiteout.

Life after Storm passes:

It is really difficult for me to comprehend the after effects of such difficult weather conditions but life goes on and kids go to school as normal and parents to their jobs.  You could see children covered head to toe during the winter, heading to their school.

Most difficult part as per my cousins is the removing the snow from pathways and stairs but this job gets even difficult when its blizzard or white-out.

Animals and birds take shelter or sit it out during storm or blizzard but birds and my favorite squirrels take a hit during such weather conditions.

Photography is at best once the weather is clear and whiteout all around.

External Links:

Difference between a blizzard and a snowstorm: https://www.directenergy.com/learning-center/weather-readiness/snowstorm-vs-blizzard

Where animal goes or hide during blizzard/snowstorm: https://ourstoriesandperspectives.com/2016/01/22/where-will-animals-go-during-the-snow-storm/

Wikipedia on Blizzard: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blizzard 


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Sarah Shahzad

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  • My my my , now the lil girl is not just using imagination but backing up her thoughts with research , what a great idea as it makes things more relatable and near to reality and one can see tha words getting shapes. Keep it up , stay blessed. I wait for your new piece and every time get insipiration out of it

  • I never knew English poetry could be this good to read. Great cinematography using words with a subtle though woven inside. Great work! Cheers!

  • “Don’t worry, the storms come and go” !!!
    What a mature thought of a little girl. Her transition from imagination to reality is amazing. keep it up Sarah!!! go on. I love reading your poems….

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