Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Poem

Today is a special day,

Where smiles are around with happy faces,

No one cries except ones with no mother,

Animals might not celebrate but they do it in their own way,

Get ready for fun, visits and food,

Because its mother’s day!

Mothers everywhere are everything,

Bring happiness for the family,

No more fights on the mother’s day

Except the fighters saving their mother land,

Today is mother’s day have a great day.


This poem is about most precious thing in our life, mother.  Mothers everywhere are everything.  We should celebrate this day thanking our creator for such a great gift in life.  This poem is dedicated to all moms of this world.

Mother’s Day:

 This special day is celebrated on 10 May every year.  It also falls on some countries on some other dates as well.  The purpose of celebrating this day is to remember and appreciate the person who brings happiness to family.  The ones who have mother should be spending their most time with their moms to make it valuable.  The ones who don’t have mothers, should be remembering them and precious time spent with them.

Ideas for Celebration:

  1. Talk a holiday and dedicate whole day to mum
  2. Plan ahead for a gift on this special occasion.  Jewelry, pendants, necklace, tea cups with captions…..
  3. Cook mommy’s favorite food, 2 meals at least.
  4. Take her to dinner at some exotic place in your city.
  5. Watch her favorite movie or drama or family’s old videos.
  6.  Plant a tree dedicating to your mum.
  7. The ones who don’t have moms, should visit their mother’s best friends or aunts. Also give some charity or feed poor people on that day.
  8. Last but not least, don’t forget your fathers as his day is coming on 16 June.

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