Roses are sweet, but not petit,

They never dry out, as they fly in,

Precious for the house of those, who are good,

Pleasing for the house of those, who are special,

They never thought of encountering a lost rose,

Who was tossed away,

For being dried-up all of a sudden,

As they notice its specialty,

And that it’s not impoverished,

Down they went to help the seed of the same specialty,

Rose, they met,

Precious to those who are good, with the identical rose,

Pleasing to those who are special, with the identical rose,

Then they go underneath the ground

They will meet,

The seed of same rose,

All with the help of the, identical rose

For just another beginning of a continuing course.

Inspiration, Rose:

Who does not like roses? This poem is about the most well known flower in flora world.  These are symbols of beauty, fragrance, love, life, perfumes, food, drinks, art, medicines and symbolism.  Flowers are not for just tossed out after receiving but there is a cycle of their presence. A new flower replaces the old one and sometimes old ones give rise to new plants.

About Flower:

There are hundreds of species and color combinations all around the world.  They are mostly native to Asia but grown throughout the World.  United States has adopted it as their floral emblem. Red colored one is mostly available and admired. Mostly these are a prominent flower in any bouquet.

Distillation of crushed petals produces essential oils. Another product of the process is Roses water. That is being utilized mostly in cooking, drinks and medicines.


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