Poem on Daisy Flower

Poem on Daisy Flower

Poem on Daisy Flower

These flowers of daylight,

Can’t stop the sunshine,

They spin and spin,

And do it all over again,

They are the spinning wheel,

That stops in the midnight,


The sun collapses down,

Far away in the mountains,

It turns all dark and misty,

The daisies start to shiver,

They stop all that spinning,

And turn into stone,


In the dark, they close their heads,

From the sight of the misty night creature,

They all stay below,

And with their heads closed up,

Until the gloomy midnight,

Turns bright again.

By Sarah Shahzad, July 2020


About the Poem on Daisy Flower

Daisy flower is a beautiful flower and its color scheme shine out in any flowering field. It feels like a spinning wheel.   Chamomile flower also look like daisy.  Daisy and look like daisy flowers are inspiration of this poem.

Daisy flowers make any flower bouquet look amazing and its combination with rose, sunflower, lilies and tulips is great. Growing and caring daisies is not difficult.  But these are flower of summer season and require a lot of sunlight. Whereas some species of daisies require all the way different care.  Some  species are sensitive to heavy rains whereas some species require rain to grow.  But mostly daisy plant does not require much water. Anyhow, any variety or specie of daisy can make your lawn beautiful.


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