They are walking through the forests,

Wise and clear so you can’t hear,

Changing their colors,

Through every step they walk on,

Water droplets landing on their body makes them blue,

Walking on stems or leaves make their body green,

Walking under the shades of the sun make their body yellow,

They walk every step,

And then their skin changes into bright and dark colors,

They wish to travel beyond their understanding

And find new colors for their, skin pattern, and feelings,

As they explore walking on their feet,

Without any means of transportation or conveyance.

(By Shahzad Amer)

Inspiration, Chameleon:

This poem is about Chameleon (old World lizards).  They are very flexible and adapt themselves to different environments.  They move a lot and do it without any transportation and conveyance.  Sometimes, I believe they would like to move beyond their understanding to change colors, skin patterns and even their feelings.

What is your opinion?

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