Unicorn, A free Verse Poem


Stories have been told,

That a creature lived,

With no might,

It was not seen,

It was said,


Enter the dark forest,

With a little glitter,

It can be seen,

Whoosh, you may hear in the dark forest,

You may be encountered by a legendary unicorn.

(By Sarah Shahzad, May 2020)

About the Unicorn Poem:

This poem is about the legend.  The legendry creature fascinate us all. We have read about it but no one has encountered it.  Anyways, it is part  of our tales and story telling. Somehow, we believe we may encounter it in a dark forest.   It will save us from danger.  Also, guide us to the light and land us to a safe place.

In the childhood this is most desired legend of any kid.  We had birthday theme parties and cakes with white one-horned creature. Children dream about it.  While growing up, we see it on movies and cartoons.  Some kids decorate their bedrooms on mythical one-horned creature. Whereas older kids don’t leave them apart.

Big brands use it as a symbol of excellence.  Whereas, toy stores have dedicated shelves filled with all sort of plushies and toys.  Most of the mythical movies have this legendary creatures.  That’s why, a unicorn deserves a poem.

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Sarah Shahzad

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