Flies with no laws to adhere,

Breaking the walls with no care,

Annoying everyone with no fear,

Injecting people without the gear,


Running in speed,

Crossing the roads,

Without looking out,

Making everyone angry,


As it flies in, nobody likes it,

With its painful sting, hitting everyone,

Can’t it stop hitting everyone?

With no laws the mosquito crashes and feels bad.

(By Sarah Shahzad, April 2020)

A Poem on Mosquito:

This is a free ver poem on mosquitoes.  They are one of the most annoying creature.  This poem expresses our anger over these dangerous creaure.  Once they bite, our life is miserable. We scratch and feel its sting in our body part.  Anyhow with the passage of time, we realize that we had a blood relationship with them.  They may be our blood brothers…..

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