Arabian Horses

Arabian Horses

Arabian Horses

Long ago, most battles used the Arabian horses,

As there’re no traditional long span battles,

Short span wars use no horses, karma settled it,

But mostly peace later spread, no more violence,

Was heard, everyone was settled until one came,

The one in the modern era, with modern means,


Long ago, Arabian horses were lions of the battles,

As they set their feet on the ground, not like cattle,

Everyone felt and honoured their presence,

They too felt great and honoured to be with us,


All those years with us in war,

And now everything has changed,

They are now free from war and force,

As a part of family, they stay with us,


As we mended to grow with them since ancient times,

Our friendship bonding has changed all along the time,

Later on they accompany and travel like us,

Now the Arabian horses are everywhere.

(Sarah Shahzad, April 2020)

About the Poem Arabian Horses:

Although they are called lions of the battles, but can’t image them being wasted in battles of ancient times. This poem is dedicated to this beautiful animal. Now people are taking a better care of horses who are considered to be highly intelligent.

We understand that Arabian Horse is an expensive breed. In addition, it is very expensive to take care of them with proper care and attention. But they are simply majestic animals.

As their name suggest, they are being raised in Arab but now we can find them all over the world. They are kept in beautiful stables and appropriate environment. Earlier they were used in wars but now situation has changed. Modern wars does not require horses as fast vehicles have taken over this job. Therefore, we are blesses with having these beauties saved from war. They travel to participate in events and races so they are very famous all over the world. People have started to acquire these horses for their stables. That’s why they are seen all over the world.


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