Our Earth

Our Earth


There is something round,
And bouncy, over the land, it is a ball,
There is something sphere,
And moving, around the solar system, it is the Earth,
The Earth that we live in,
The Earth that we take resources from,
The Earth that fulfils our dreams,
But we don’t take care of our Earth,
Alas, we don’t take care of our lives, means and dreams,
Sooner or later,
There will be fewer resources to store,
There will be less flora and fauna to benefit from,
There will be fights for resources to secure,
Please take care of our Earth!


Our Planet is a special gift for human beings from Allah.  We should take care of it.  We should not consider it as an ordinary thing.  There are so many things that we have discovered to date and still a long journey to a complete discovery.

Our planets’ resources like water, minerals, natural resources etc. are depleting day by day.  We should take care of them.  With more and more modernization, nature is affected the most. With deleting resources and increase in population, countries go for wars.  Wars affect not only human beings but also the communities, nature and above all our planet.

Earth day:

We celebrate Earth day on 22 April.  For that one day, we are fully committed to do something good for nature.  All over the world there are discussions on environment changes, conservation of natural resources, cutting down plastic usage, less reliance on fossil fuel.  Next day we forget all these positive talks.

Our Planet:

Our planet has special status in the milky way galaxy.  It has a perfect environment for living beings.  So many new species discovered every other day.  Human beings have ruled this planet since they step down on the land of this planet.  We know that technological advancements have given our life a lot of comforts but we are neglecting our globe.




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