Butterfly – A Short Poem



“Butterfly – A short Poem”

When you touch its wings,
It feels like silk,
When you hear,
It will make the noise of the bird’s chirp,
While you care,
It will guide you to the light,
But now you see no light,
But go to the forests,
You will see,
A butterfly.

(By Sarah Shahzad)

Butterfly – A Short Poem, Inspiration:

With more advancement and modernization, we have accustomed to destroying nature by throwing waste all around.  This is impacting life of animals and birds.  Less tree and greenery, we see lesser animals and birds and even butterflies.  This is how I come up with this poem.

Butterflies are inspiration of any child. They have beautiful color patterns and that’s what attracts children.  Similarly you need to grow plant with beautiful flowers. Hence, you may attract a lot of butterflies.

I like Monarch butterfly. Monarch butterfly migrate from Mexico to Canada and USA.  Their orange and black patterns make them easily recognizable.  Although they have a short life span but an amazing life cycle.  What is your favorite butterfly?

Butterfly - A Short Poem

Monarch Butterfly

External Links:

A comprehensive view of life cycle of butterflies has been explained in this link: http://www3.canisius.edu/~grandem/butterflylifecycle/The_Lifecycle_of_a_Butterfly_print.html

Wikipedia, amazing source of information has comprehensive information on this topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly



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