Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings

A month of joy and happiness,

Time to relive pile of holidays for goodness,

Greetings showered to everyone endless,

Care extended and wished to all joyous,


A happy year is what we all asked for,

Inviting those who we enjoy to spend time with,

Greeting sent in decorated cards,

Quotes that inspire and makes the day brighter,


Dearly hearts given through it,

To those struggling hard,

To those who we love dearly,

It’s a wonderful time to send greetings,


A nice and warm holiday,

Bestowed to each and all,

To enjoy this moment with all those around,

With a nice warm greeting to celebrate the season.


A Poem on Season’s Greetings by Sarah Shahzad, December 2020

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Sarah Shahzad

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