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Holidays are coming,

Rushing through the hallways,

Into the room full of displays,

As the cheerful noises,

Of the children outside,

Joy gets spread on everyone’s faces,

As all the dedicated people set free,

As the noise of the hustling train,

Give sign to the guests,

As they are welcome to others’ houses,

Through the windows we see,

Through the aroma we perceive,

Food getting ready for the guests,

As they all are eager to eat with joy,

This is what holiday is supposed to be.

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Inspiration, Poem about Happiness – Holidays:

As we are into winter holidays which means more indoor fun then outdoor. The idea behind this poem is that there is all around excitement and happiness in the winter break.  We meet relatives & friends and have fun doing indoor chores.  As everyone knows that there are lot of noises and kids screaming all filled with joy.

Just imagine old times, where people living near the railway stations must be getting excited with hustling train.  That should be a sign for incoming guests. Guests must also be getting similar feeling.

In winter holiday season, food is one of the most essential element of joy and happiness. Aroma of food wake taste buds. Kids and young ones just want to have war, if food is not served on time.  That’s why the winter holidays end with big dinner feast.

Don’t you think that winter holidays should be little bit longer like summer holidays?

And what is your opinion about holidays poem?

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