Cure Poem, Kangaroo

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The creature, jumps swiftly, with no stop,

As it glides through the air with large skips,

As it leaps, skips, jumps and hops,

It won’t stop, stop, stop and stop,

It might take a break of few seconds,

And it rapidly continues the way,

The way that will not stop the Kangaroo.

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Inspiration for the Poem on  Kangaroo:

Most of us get fascinated by this animal.  A three legged animal.  Believe me or not, few years back it was discovered that Kangaroo has three legs.  Actually, its tail act as third one.  For detail read the link below:


This mammal is always on the move and we see all kind of movements it makes.  It seem like most of the time they are on either land or the sky.  Kids love it.  As they are indigenous to Australian continent or Oceania therefore mostly in other parts of the world we only see them in zoo.

Australia loves this animal as we see it on their coins, postage stamps, Quantas airlines and so on.

Kangaroos are herbivorous and as Australia is a lush green country where they have plenty of greenry to survive on.

They are distinctive mammal as they keep their babies in their abdomen pouch.  It takes babies more than 6 months to be able to survive in wild.


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