Unicorn Fish

Unicorn Fish

Free Verse Poem

There’s a Unicorn swimming,

But where are its legs,

It is scaring me,

It is small, not like a unicorn,

But in fact like a fish,

A fish with a medium sized horn,

I will call it a Unicorn Fish!

It swims rapidly, it swirls rapidly,

It is a Unicorn Fish!!!

Inspiration, Unicorn Fish:

Although uncorns are legendary creatures but non existent now a days. But a fish that looks like a unicorn does exist and I have seen it in an aquarium in Malaysia.

This free verse and short poem is about my thoughts when I have seen it with my eyes. I keep on thinking that how I could relate it to such a legendary and fairy creature but finally I gave up as it was just a fish confined in the aquarium.

Anyhow it was a unique addition to that aquarium and among unique aqua creature.  There they had some unique aquetic animals like angel fish…. but we loved this look a like legendary creature.

As we have heard a lot about legends and legendary creatures. Therefore, it is number one wish of any child to see these by naked eyes.  Do you think at least a fish is ok to fulfill a place for a legend?


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