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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Free Verse Poem | New Year Poem

New year is making its way here,
Make sure you’re all set till its arrival,
As many fireworks will start and then vanish,
It will feel like there was no new year celebration,
So better be ready for its welcome,
As many parties will start and then end,
You will have no clue if you miss them,
The fireworks will spark,
That may wake the desire,
A reminder to the sentiment,
An intension of the people,
To not miss this astounding event,
A one-off event of the wonderful present,
As the year slowly passes through the minds,
Each year will have its own new year,
So better don’t miss this year’s festivities,
A joyful happy new year!!!
(By Sarah Shahzad, 31 December 2019)


About Happy New Year Poem:

Happy new year to all of the website visitors and friends.  As we are about to have a new year, I wish all the best to everyone.  May your wishes fulfilled in this year and may this year bring joy and happiness to you and your families.

As this is last day before 19 goes to 00, enjoy it and enter into 2020 with new passion and ambition.

Hope cold winter and harsh weather does not bother your festivities and parties.


Round Shaped Birds

Cute Poem, Round Shaped Birds

Free Verse Poem | Cute Poems

Cute small round shaped birds,

Soars through the sky,

As their light weighted body,

Carry them, as feathers in the air,

No predator will harm such cutie,

While they sing their beauty.

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

About Round Shaped Birds Poem:

Birds come in all shape and sizes. But the round shaped ones are like a ball moving in the air.  Kids are generally fascinated with flying beauties and if these are round ones then these grabs attention immediately.

I have found a website which describe various shapes of the birds.

What is your favourite birds and what shaped birds you like?



Chocolate Rain

Free Verse Poem | Poems about Happiness

It was raining, not hard but steady,

As the rain was common in this little town,

But kids made fun stories on rain,

The rain could never hear, but it did,

Suddenly it rained hard,

It rained chocolates,

Chocolates that were delicious and everyone’s favourite,

Those who were old, were confused,

Whilst the kids were joyful.

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Inspiration, Chocolate Rain:

This is a free verse poem and a poem about happiness where children dream or make up stories of something strange and that’s come true.

Just imagine from a child’s mind what they want? Answer is something made up of chocolate.  So that’s what happened and captured in this poem.

Children were having fun by making stories of chocolate rain and rain heard it and instead of water, it rained chocolates.  WOW!!!

It is a unique concept as we have heard about frog rain, bird rain or so on but not a chocolate one. But for children it could be the top wish they could imagine.

I can recall movie Cloudy with a chance of meat balls wherein all kind of stuff rained and people were so happy but ultimately it was disaster when they were unable to stop it.

About Chocolate:

Who does not like chocolate? name one and then exclude it from children’s favourite list and put him or her to hate list.

Chocolate come from a megical tree of Cocoa (also called Cacao) which is mostly cultivated in Latin America.  Once cocoa pods ripe, these are chopped off and kept for fermentation.  A tree produces cocoa pods twice a year. After fermentation of few days, it is kept for drying under sizling sun.  They get dried in couple of weeks and now are ready as a raw material for Nature‘s best gift, an amazing chocolate (or call it junk food, or whatever).

Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse, Poem on nature

Free Verse Poem | Poem on Nature

As the sun rises,

With lots of surprises,

Granting one after the other,

As slowly the day goes on,

The moon comes out mysteriously,

Blocking the sunny view of the happy people,

As the day gets dark,

As the nights of the shadows,

Making all of them frown,

The day continues for a while,

And immediately vanishes,

The people who saw that spectacular event,

Get surprised and worried,

The children get excited,

As the night goes long,

A night in the middle of the day.

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Inspiration, Solar Eclipse:

This poem is about solar eclipse.  It is quite different from lunar eclipse.  That is to say that moon crosses the path and comes in between earth and sun.

Meanwhile some enthusiast await for eclipses but most of the people also worried about its negative impact.  Somehow people are afraid of coming out of the houses during solar eclipse but in contrast people with cameras loved to take pictures of it.

Solar eclipse on 25/26 December 2019 is called as final eclipse of the decade.  On christmas day, sun appears about one percent smaller in the sky.  Therefore we will be able to observe a ring of fire.

Some of the people are worried about eclipse and ask their children to stay away from the dark rays of the eclipse.

What are your thoughts about lunar and solar eclipse?

Dream World

Dream World, Poems about Dream

Free Verse Poem | Poems about Dream

Sleeping sloth dozing off,

Sleeping sloth snoring out,

Sleeping sloth cooling away,

The sleeping sloth will never walk,

Far away, where the bushes run,

And the bird talk,

The sleeping sloth will not walk,

And the sun so small,

And the moon so big,

The world in the size of the stars,

That shines away your fears,

As the sloth sleep by,

The world turns normal.

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Inspiration, Dream World:

This poem is about dreams.  In this poem a sloth is sleeping whereas a lot of changes occur.  Whereas birds start talking, sun becomes smaller and moon takes the size of the sun. Our earth moves far away into the galaxy but it seem that our sleeping sloth is not bothered with it.  Above all, fears around big changes shines away.  But still our sleeping mammal is not bothered.

Sometimes people are not bothered with transitions that may occur around them. But, however they take it as normal and sleep on it. Sometimes when they wake up, every thing is normal.  Sometimes they start adopting to the changes. This is how the life goes on.

Dream world is what we develop in our imagination and build it over time. Holidays are the best time to day dreaming.  And then we have enough time to put that into words.  As we all know that dreams can be entertaining, pleasing or some time disturbing.

Here in the link below, a detailed overview of dreams is provided:




Poems about Happiness, Holidays

Free Verse Poem | Poems about Happiness

Holidays are coming,

Rushing through the hallways,

Into the room full of displays,

As the cheerful noises,

Of the children outside,

Joy gets spread on everyone’s faces,

As all the dedicated people set free,

As the noise of the hustling train,

Give sign to the guests,

As they are welcome to others’ houses,

Through the windows we see,

Through the aroma we perceive,

Food getting ready for the guests,

As they all are eager to eat with joy,

This is what holiday is supposed to be.

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Inspiration, Poem about Happiness – Holidays:

As we are into winter holidays which means more indoor fun then outdoor. The idea behind this poem is that there is all around excitement and happiness in the winter break.  We meet relatives & friends and have fun doing indoor chores.  As everyone knows that there are lot of noises and kids screaming all filled with joy.

Just imagine old times, where people living near the railway stations must be getting excited with hustling train.  That should be a sign for incoming guests. Guests must also be getting similar feeling.

In winter holiday season, food is one of the most essential element of joy and happiness. Aroma of food wake taste buds. Kids and young ones just want to have war, if food is not served on time.  That’s why the winter holidays end with big dinner feast.

Don’t you think that winter holidays should be little bit longer like summer holidays?

And what is your opinion about holidays poem?


Cure Poem, Kangaroo

Free Verse Poem | Cute Poem

The creature, jumps swiftly, with no stop,

As it glides through the air with large skips,

As it leaps, skips, jumps and hops,

It won’t stop, stop, stop and stop,

It might take a break of few seconds,

And it rapidly continues the way,

The way that will not stop the Kangaroo.

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Inspiration for the Poem on  Kangaroo:

Most of us get fascinated by this animal.  A three legged animal.  Believe me or not, few years back it was discovered that Kangaroo has three legs.  Actually, its tail act as third one.  For detail read the link below:

This mammal is always on the move and we see all kind of movements it makes.  It seem like most of the time they are on either land or the sky.  Kids love it.  As they are indigenous to Australian continent or Oceania therefore mostly in other parts of the world we only see them in zoo.

Australia loves this animal as we see it on their coins, postage stamps, Quantas airlines and so on.

Kangaroos are herbivorous and as Australia is a lush green country where they have plenty of greenry to survive on.

They are distinctive mammal as they keep their babies in their abdomen pouch.  It takes babies more than 6 months to be able to survive in wild.


Happy Birthday to you my Friend

Happy Birthday to my Friend

Short Poem

Today is your special day, my friend,

Today is your most spectacular event,

Where all your wishes come true,

One by one from all your family and friends,

In the winter weather of December, as we feel,

But your invitation card is giving us warm touch,

We all will join you to celebrate your birthday,

And together have fun on your special day,

Many many happy returns of the day,

Happy Birthday to Noor, my friend!!!

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Theme, Happy Birthday to my Friend:

Today 22 Dcember is fun as its day of birthday of my friend Noor.  This free verse poem is dedicated to Noor.


Tiger in the bush

Tiger in the bush

Free Verse Poem

There’s a tiger in the bush,

Ready to ambush,

Wondering whether to push,

Risky or safe, not so staunch,

But it’s ready to ambush,

Handful of childhoods,

Aside the slide,

One slides down,

Pushes the bush,

Out of sight, the bush and the tiger,

Parents await their children to finish play,

Can’t see the tiger in the bush?

Tiger waits for crowd to move,

In the dire need of ambush,

Children leave food, snack and puree,

As there is nothing in this tiresome story,

Hurry to the forest after it eats curry,

Tiger gets back to same place with less worry,

Found the bush, under the white sky,

No one notices, there’s a tiger ready to ambush.

(Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Inspiration,  Tiger in the bush:

This is another free verse poem about life.  Even in most safe places, there could be unknow danger. People assume it safe and don’t bother to have a precaution.  Anyhow, most of times nothing happens and people survive of major issue.  That’s how life move on.

The above poem talks about carefree children playing the field.  Their parents are also looking after them which makes field bit crowdy. No one knows that there is a tiger in the bush.  Although there is a major danger there but tiger don’t bother to attack children. He is also scared of crowd.  As the crowd moves on, the wild cat specie only gets leftover food.

That’s what the life is all about.  We don’t notice disaster as it is around the corner.  We keep on doing daily chores and our life goes on.  At least disastrous situation seldom triggered off.

What is your opinion about it?

About Tigers:

Most of the people are facinated about this cat specie.  They have amazing brown and raddish skins.  Like human distinct finger prints, tigers have distinct pattern of stripes on their bodies. They are carnivorous and consume a lot of meat.  Some species of tigers are critically endangered, WWF is working with counties of Tiger habitat to save the specie.  Save tigers and save our planet!!

How do you distinguish tigers from lions?