Tiger in the bush

Tiger in the bush

Free Verse Poem

There’s a tiger in the bush,

Ready to ambush,

Wondering whether to push,

Risky or safe, not so staunch,

But it’s ready to ambush,

Handful of childhoods,

Aside the slide,

One slides down,

Pushes the bush,

Out of sight, the bush and the tiger,

Parents await their children to finish play,

Can’t see the tiger in the bush?

Tiger waits for crowd to move,

In the dire need of ambush,

Children leave food, snack and puree,

As there is nothing in this tiresome story,

Hurry to the forest after it eats curry,

Tiger gets back to same place with less worry,

Found the bush, under the white sky,

No one notices, there’s a tiger ready to ambush.

(Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)

Inspiration,  Tiger in the bush:

This is another free verse poem about life.  Even in most safe places, there could be unknow danger. People assume it safe and don’t bother to have a precaution.  Anyhow, most of times nothing happens and people survive of major issue.  That’s how life move on.

The above poem talks about carefree children playing the field.  Their parents are also looking after them which makes field bit crowdy. No one knows that there is a tiger in the bush.  Although there is a major danger there but tiger don’t bother to attack children. He is also scared of crowd.  As the crowd moves on, the wild cat specie only gets leftover food.

That’s what the life is all about.  We don’t notice disaster as it is around the corner.  We keep on doing daily chores and our life goes on.  At least disastrous situation seldom triggered off.

What is your opinion about it?

About Tigers:

Most of the people are facinated about this cat specie.  They have amazing brown and raddish skins.  Like human distinct finger prints, tigers have distinct pattern of stripes on their bodies. They are carnivorous and consume a lot of meat.  Some species of tigers are critically endangered, WWF is working with counties of Tiger habitat to save the specie.  Save tigers and save our planet!!

How do you distinguish tigers from lions?


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