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Animal Poems

Nile Crocodile

Nile Crocodile

Poem Big reptiles crawling on the dry grass, Waiting for a prey, Can’t see one so they move on, They want to snap, and squish, They want to find a good prey, To satisfy their hunger and energy, They can’t find prey here, so they move there...

Persian Cat Pet

Persian Cats

Poem Persian cats are older, wiser and always in a mood, Can’t tell if one is sad, angry, happy or good, Because they are fluffy, From the outside as they appear, They like all cat thing, They are all like cats, Only different from the fur as...

Minky and Pinky the chicks

Minky and Pinky the chicks

Poem Born a few minutes apart from each other, Lovely happy born sisters, The youngest chick, Pinky, Minky, the eldest chick,   Both with same attitude and persona, Never stop to tremble, Until the time of slumber, Never stop to shrinkle...



Poem They are walking through the forests, Wise and clear so you can’t hear, Changing their colors, Through every step they walk on, Water droplets landing on their body makes them blue, Walking on stems or leaves make their body green, Walking...

Civet, a short poem


Civet, A Short Poem Civets are scared, Why are they scared, They must had heard the howls of the wolves, Or their dens had been destroyed, No, I think they are shy creatures. (By Sarah Shahzad)    

Cat, a short poem

Cat a short poem

Short Poem I heard a noise with the letter m, I heard it again but louder, As I come closer it was getting louder, Meow! , it is a cat. (By Sarah Shahzad) Cat, a short poem – Inspiration: Cat, a short poem is a funny piece for my younger...

Desert Falcon -

Desert Falcon

Poem As it flies at the nights of the desert, finding its prey for the day,  No one knows where it’s headed or where it’s stopping by, Think hard to find the falcon flying through the deserts far away, But finding one is possible, but finding...

Town Boy and Town Rabbit -

Town Boy and Town Rabbit

Poem He comes stomping on the town, Knowing where to go and what to seek, He has a favor for the town rabbit, But, the town rabbit fear not, Chased away far but scared, Ran the town boy after the town rabbit. Town Boy and Town Rabbit...

Rod a Pet German shepherd,

Rod a Pet German shepherd

Poem Rod came rushing through the streets, as a puppy, He was happy as he goes, wishing for more, He always grew and with his happiness, he was always loved, No one knows how he grew tall, very quickly, He may get greedy, or develop quirky...


Butterfly – A Short Poem

Poem “Butterfly – A short Poem” When you touch its wings, It feels like silk, When you hear, It will make the noise of the bird’s chirp, While you care, It will guide you to the light, But now you see no light, But go to...