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A collection of animal poems

A Collection of Animal Poems

A Collection of Animal Poems A collection of Animal Poems consists of a poem on Artic Reindeer, Puffin or Penguin, Sharks’ fear and dolphin.  These poems contains varied subjects for the audience. Arctic Reindeer A reindeer that goes all...



Animal Poem A panda all alone, Is someone who is a clone, As you see them both, You will see their oath, Pandas won’t fly, Denying their flight, As they believe; They won’t fly,   A panda all alone, Needs a clone, You...

Hedgehog - Animal Poem


Cute Poems | Animal Poems They live their lives round, Without any sound, They roll down to those found, Even though they can fall, Since they are such a ball, They care for others without them to notice, They protect others without some...

Kitten, Cure Poems


Free Verse Poem | Cute Poem A kitten with cute wild eyes, Smiled as it walked through the park, As the day get dark, And as the lights spark, It rushes back as a shark, It combs its fur, as it purrs lightly, And goes to sleep. (By Sarah...

Cute Poem, Round Shaped Birds

Round Shaped Birds

Free Verse Poem | Cute Poems Cute small round shaped birds, Soars through the sky, As their light weighted body, Carry them, as feathers in the air, No predator will harm such cutie, While they sing their beauty. (By Sarah Shahzad, December...

Dream World, Poems about Dream

Dream World

Free Verse Poem | Poems about Dream Sleeping sloth dozing off, Sleeping sloth snoring out, Sleeping sloth cooling away, The sleeping sloth will never walk, Far away, where the bushes run, And the bird talk, The sleeping sloth will not walk, And...

Cure Poem, Kangaroo


Free Verse Poem | Cute Poem The creature, jumps swiftly, with no stop, As it glides through the air with large skips, As it leaps, skips, jumps and hops, It won’t stop, stop, stop and stop, It might take a break of few seconds, And it rapidly...

Unicorn Fish

Unicorn Fish

Free Verse Poem There’s a Unicorn swimming, But where are its legs, It is scaring me, It is small, not like a unicorn, But in fact like a fish, A fish with a medium sized horn, I will call it a Unicorn Fish! It swims rapidly, it swirls rapidly...

Short Poems about Life, Slug

Short Poems About Life

Slug – Free Verse Poem That slippery slime, That crawls out of damp places, In the sorrowful night, It wishes to find a home, A home of vegetables is like a dream, If it was a dream like no wonder any slug likes one, When they crawl out...

Limerick Poem Chicken

Limerick Poem Chicken

Limerick Poem A chicken stuck somewhere in the kitchen, Ready to get cooked for the hungry kittens, As it runs towards the farm, Races till it gets in the barn, That chicken never going back to a kitchen. (By Sarah Shahzad)